European Green Week 2021

During the European Green Week an informative webinar will be hosted on the topic of Lighter Than Air (LTA) aviation. The goal is to inform policy makers, industry parties, researchers, and the public at large about the benefits of LTA technology, also to attain the objectives of the New European Green Deal, the EU Flight Path 2050 strategy, and the new more ambitious 55 % objective regarding the implementation of renewable energy. In fact, the technology is a key driver to decarbonise aviation activities, such as those related to cargo, accessing remote regions, carrying out urban surveillance, for example, replacing or complementing helicopters. The technology can be also be applied in emergency aid situations, which could appear because of the physical risks of climate change. In order to achieve the goals set out in the Paris Agreement and deliver on the EU Green Deal, the technology can greatly reduce the environmental footprint of aviation activities.

LTA is gaining attention at the European and global level and currently is the ambition of the sector is to upscale the use of this technology. Therefore, the ambitions of the U-LTA platform, initiated and coordinated by IMIEU in 2016 is to 1. further enhance the visibility of LTA technology with European and International institutions and investors 2. mobilize financing and investments in order to solve challenges regarding the upscaling of the necessary ground and related operation and maintenance infrastructure 3. Improve the certification procedures, the safety of ground operations, and the efficiency of maintenance operations, in addition to promote certified training of staff. To date, the opportunities for this technology are present and during the partner event taking place at June 3rd 2021 during the EU Green Week, some of the partners of the U-LTA platform will proudly showcase their applications and commercialisation of LTA technology.

Organised by IMIEU (The Institute for Infrastructure, Environment and Innovation) and the Quebec Government Office in Brussels.

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